Other - Sounds of the African Bush

These short recordings are of individual species – for listening pleasure and identification.


The thunder in this sound clip was recorded during one of our many safaris and you can just hear the sound of rain drops hitting the ground towards the end.

Flowing River

This clip was recorded close to Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe as the Save River which forms the boundary between the lodge and Gonarezhou National Park starts to flow after a torrential rainstorm. 

Spider Hunting Wasp

These large, long-legged wasps specialise on capturing and paralysing spiders that are placed in their nest for the larvae to feed on once they hatch. They are important pollinators and make this loud buzzing sound when flying from one plant to the next.

Mole Cricket

These huge crickets call from a specially modified burrow in the ground, producing their loud buzzing call by stridulating i.e. rubbing the wings together while sitting inside the entrance tunnel.
Image – Wikipedia.

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