Sound Safari

Black-collared Barbet

Call of the Wild

Have you ever wondered…
If hippos talk underwater?
If ants talk at all?
Why elephant shrews tap dance?
Why birds sing at dawn?

Our Call of the Wild sound experience with Derek Solomon shares these answers and more.

Using specialised sound equipment, we eavesdrop on the wild and hear what mammals, birds, insects and other animals have to say.

The adventure includes a fascinating talk on the world of sound: including how and why the big cats roar, birds sing and insects chatter. It covers infrasonic elephant rumbles and underwater conversations by hippo, fish and others; as well as non-vocal sounds by mammals and birds. And wrapping up with hints and tips on sound recording with basic equipment including smartphones.

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Call of the Wild Review
Derek opened up a whole new world of sound to us and the nuggets of interesting facts and never-heard-before facts just kept coming. We all realised how un-tuned our ears are and how deaf we are to the sound clues and information available in nature. It was absolutely wonderful! Learned so much! I am listening with new ears. Don’t miss this opportunity, highly recommended!
Casper Badenhorst
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