African Bush Sounds

These southern African natural environment sound safaris vary in length and are recorded in national parks, game reserves and wilderness areas and sometimes at safari camps and lodges and thus may include sounds from all inhabitants – including humans if appropriate! They evoke fond memories of time on safari or perhaps enjoyment and anticipation of an upcoming wildlife adventure in Africa.

A relaxing dawn soundscape recorded in a wildlife conservancy in the semi-arid Karoo region of South Africa.  The Blue Crane, South Africa’s national bird leads the chorus together with a host of other grassland and water-loving species.

Blue Cranes


Bird of Zambia - Painted Snipe

Birds of Zambia​

After many years gathering data, and long hours in front of the computer – Birds of Zambia is finally published! The app includes images, distribution maps and detailed text descriptions for all 780 bird species (and audio for most) recorded in Zambia including seasonality and breeding graphics.

Birding Zimbabwe - Kori Bustard

Birding Zimbabwe

This digital book is laid out by prime birding and tourism regions in the country, including Victoria Falls, Hwange, Matobo Hills, Great Zimbabwe, Gonarezhou National Park, the Eastern Highlands, Harare, Umfurudzi, Lake Kariba and Mana Pools.

Animals in Action

Animals in Action is a field guide to the common mammals of South Luangwa National Park in Zambia and includes photo galleries and audio files on the various species as well as details on identification, food and feeding, and a series of interesting behaviour facts.

Animals in Action

Wildlife Sound Recordings

These short recordings are of individual species – mammals, birds, amphibians, insects and more! For listening pleasure and identification.

sound recordist and wildlife photographer


Echoing the sentiments of acoustic ecologist Dr Bernie Krause – all too often sound is a forgotten sense but without sound…there would be no music, no legend, and no voice to stir the soul, evoke the memory, or transport the spirit! Birds, mammals, insects and amphibians all produce sounds – we just need a little help to rediscover the art of listening. Using a microphone and amplifier, the natural sounds in our soundscapes are brought into a close and intimate range, exposing vivid detail that may be entirely new to you.

Sound recording has not only brought much pleasure but has also led to collaborations with zoos and institutions to create unique soundscapes for their specific needs. Contact us should you need a special soundscape.

Derek and Sarah Solomon
Soundscape Review
The soundscape is fascinating. Took me back to the camps in Botswana in a totally unexpected way. When you are there in person, the visual is dominant....along with the movement of the vehicle, feel and smells of the air, interaction with others, etc. I don't remember actually hearing so many sounds, except at night maybe, or isolated bird calls or an elephant chewing. Until I can travel again, this soundscape is the closest I can get. I just close my eyes and listen. Thanks so much!
Mogan Kulla, USA
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