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Derek Solomon

Derek Solomon’s passion for wildlife developed during his early school years. Now an avid birder and animal behaviour specialist, he has been leading tailor-made safaris for over 30 years in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge and has been actively involved with training safari guides in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Derek has authored and co-authored several books on wildlife over the years and more recently has turned to digital publications including an app on the ‘Birds of Zambia’ and ‘Wild About Kruger Park’. He is an ardent wildlife photographer and sound recordist.

Wild About Kruger

Wild About Kruger

Our travel information app offers in-depth cover on the Kruger National Park with sections on terrain, accommodation, get out points; and many wildlife functions including identification of mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and insects – with both visual and audio media.  Trees and flowers are broken down into easy to identify groups and there is also a detailed section on tracking from your car – giving tips and clues to recognizing and interpreting signs in the bush.

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Birding Zimbabwe

Birding Zimbabwe

The first in a series of digital books published under the Wild Africa Publications label. This digital photo guide to Zimbabwe’s premier birding destinations includes photo galleries of the main birds found in each destination together with accommodation facilities and details on private birding guides. Find out more here…


Enjoying the sounds of nature has always been a pleasurable passtime but wildlife audio recording soon became much more than that and  quickly led to collaborations, projects and species surveys.

Sound brings back special bush and safari memories – it invokes the senses to recapture the moment in a way that nothing else can.

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Planning and leading safaris continues to be a passion; sharing some of Africa’s special places and showing others some of the amazing sights and sounds will always be privilege. From excursions to find the endangered Shoebill in Zambia’s remote Bangweulu swamps to the Bush Skills learning program in the Okavango Delta and discovering Zimbabwe’s hidden treasures – these experiences are to be treasured. Find out more here…