Recording Barking Gecko

Reptiles under the mic – part 2

Most lizards are unable to vocalise but there are a few exceptions. Tropical house gecko males
(Hemidactylus species) attract female mates by using chirping signals and pheromones and also give a low frequency chirp during male-male fights.

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Singing Ants - Recorded Ant Sounds by Derek Solomon

Singing Ants

Some years ago, when chatting to soundscape ecologist Dr Bernie Krause he asked “have you ever heard ants communicating?”.  He said “find an ant’s nest in the garden and place a lavaliere microphone over the entrance and sit back with your headphones on and wait to see what happens…”

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Ventriloquial Frog

The Ventriloquial Frog

The Breviceps family of frogs (commonly known as Rain Frogs) must hold the award for the grumpiest looking frogs in the country. There are 14 species that are endemic to southern Africa and many are difficult to separate from one another unless you know their calls and look at their distribution maps. They all have chubby, small rounded bodies and flattened faces that, according to at least one reference book, makes them look like little balloons. When disturbed they inflate their bodies adding to the balloon-like appearance.

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