Recording Barking Gecko

Reptiles under the mic – part 2

Most lizards are unable to vocalise but there are a few exceptions. Tropical house gecko males (Hemidactylus species) attract female mates by using chirping signals and pheromones and also give a low frequency chirp during male-male fights.

The Common Barking Gecko (Ptenopus garrulus) is a common species in the desert and semi-desert areas of southern Africa and is the most vociferous gecko, producing calls that may be heard for several hundred metres. Most calls are produced at dusk, and usually continue for several hours as the gecko advertise its territory and advertises to females. In this clip recorded in Namibia, dozens of geckos are all calling together.

(Image – with thanks to Neil McLeod, SafariWise, Namibia)

Soundclip of Barking Geckos

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