These African natural environment sound safaris evoke fond memories of time on safari or perhaps enjoyment and anticipation of an upcoming wildlife adventure in Africa.  They vary in length and are recorded in national parks, game reserves and wilderness areas and sometimes at safari camps and lodges and thus may include sounds from all inhabitants – including humans if appropriate!

Once successfully purchased you will receive an email with download links to 2 versions of the soundscape and a PDF file which has the detail of species in the soundscape file.

The 2 audio download options are:

  • FLAC which is a coding format for lossless compression of digital audio; it is a very large file and is for serious audiophiles. It requires compatible software for playback.
  • MP3 which is a high quality compressed audio format and is suitable for most users.

You may not be able to download audio files directly to your iPhone or iPad but likely to a computer first and then link through iTunes for your iOS device. You can download directly to your Android Device.

Giving Back

Our wildlife and natural places need protection for their survival – and support for organisations with strong ethics and particularly those incorporating the needs of neighboring communities is vital. Conservation South Luangwa and Elephants Alive are two such bodies and we are proud to support their work with a portion of the proceeds from the sale our soundscapes.

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