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Listen to nature’s orchestra and take your bush experience to another level

Without sound…there would be no music, no legend, and no voice to stir the soul, evoke the memory, or transport the spirit!

All too often sound is a forgotten sense and we say “there is nothing around” but individual birds, mammals, insects and amphibians all produce sounds – we just need a little help to rediscover the art of listening. Using a microphone and amplifier, the natural sounds are brought into a close and intimate range, exposing vivid detail that may be entirely new to you. When sound is amplified by only a small amount above the ambient level we are able to listen more attentively and hear more of what is going on out there.

The Brodan Soundscape Listening Centre SLC-1 is a custom-made ambient microphone and amplifier that can be used as a fixed installation on a game viewing deck, in a bird hide and on one’s own veranda – or clamped to a game-viewing vehicle bull bar.

An added extra is an operators’ headset that allows communication with friends or guests via a splitter that can link up headphones for 5 other listeners. Additional splitters can be daisy-chained to link up more headphones for a bigger group of listeners. It is also possible to attach a recorder to the system to capture your sounds while out in the bush and relive the experience.

Current Costs – July 2018: R5450 (excluding shipping) which includes:
SLC-1 Soundscape Listening Centre, the operator’s headset, and mains charger.
The outdoor ambient microphone with the mini Jecklin disc separator and windshields and a 10m cable.
Optional extras would be a car charger, splitters and individual clip on earphones for extra listeners.

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