Immerse yourself in this unique African safari experience
through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell...

baobab fruit
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Learn from nature's genius
Hear and understand the wildlife sounds
Find and taste edible plants
Touch and smell Africa

Join Derek Solomon, Rob Janisch
& the African Bush Camps' guiding team
on this specialised safari
designed to stimulate the senses
and bring nature alive like never before

Enjoy 6 thrilling days
in the prime safari wilderness of
Mana Pools National Park

painted reed frog

This all-inclusive safari includes:
6 nights in Kanga Camp and Zambezi Expeditions, Mana Pools National Park with the super sensory team
including charter flights from/to Victoria Falls
18-24 November 2017
9-15 April 2018
8-14 June 2018

listening to natures sounds listening to natures sounds listening to natures sounds
bringing the sounds of the bush alive and adding another dimension to your safari adventure

Don't miss out on the chance to experience this amazing safari

Stir your soul and dream of Africa by listening to this leopard call.


Read more about this safari here or contact us for further information.

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