SOUNDSCAPES – Sounds of the Bush

Without sound…there would be no music, no legend, and no voice to stir the soul, evoke the memory, or transport the spirit!

The ability to hear and interpret what one hears is second nature to people such as the San or Bushmen of the Kalahari, the pygmy’s in the Congo forests or people in the South American forests. Our sense of hearing however has taken a back seat as we rely more and more on our sense of sight to discover and interpret our world.

Now with the use of individual headphones each linked to sophisticated microphones, animal behaviour specialist and wildlife sound recordist, Derek Solomon, introduces you to the sounds of the bush – from the songs of elephants, hyenas and lions to the multitude of birds, frogs and insects, providing you with a safari experience like no other. Listening to the voices of the natural world makes you realise that sound is more evocative than any other sense.

Leading special interest safaris and recording wildlife for over 30 years, Derek  has recorded everything from ants to elephants, underwater communication in hippos, a huge variety of birds and frogs, and even the individual hisses in several species of snakes.

The Sounds of the Bush safari experience is like no other – discovering the added sense and learning to interpret the linked behaviour proves that nothing can provide a sense of place like sound…

Soundscape - a dawn chorus recorded in Gonarezhou National Park, based at Chilo Gorge Lodge.

Below are a selection of individual sounds from our collection.

Past Projects – CDs

Night Sounds – an audio CD of a nocturnal chorus created for Africa Geographic magazine.

Mashatu Melody – a dawn to dusk sound adventure recorded in Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana in 2009.

Animals in Action – sounds of the bush. A joint project to raise funds for Children’s Eco Training.

Sunrise in Botswana – a dawn chorus including mammals and birds. See Wild Sanctuary  for more.

Bushveld Birds – an audio CD of 50 common individual bushveld bird calls.



A Luangwa Adventure – a sound safari recorded in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia



Sananapo – A live recording of the Mashatu Main Camp Choir, January 2011.



A live recording of the Mfuwe Lodge Choir made on the banks of the Luangwa River.



Seeds of Rhythm – a live recording of the Mufanyani Choir and the Southern Cross School Drummers.